My Cats and my Path

Today I had a sudden desire to write about my cats and the role they take in both my life and my path.  I was, in all honesty, never really a cat person growing up. I loved them in the way I love all animals in my life, but they were not a favorite of mine.   I saw cats as too aloof and too stuck up for my tastes, I much prefered the happy-go-lucky attitude of my dogs and the steady presence of my horses.

One day I realised that my spiritual path had changed without a conscious decision on my part, I had moved into a more organic direction.  I opened myself up to all things in nature and suddenly there were cats, everywhere cats.  I began seeing them everywhere. Cats appeared on my commute to work, in my dreams, on TV, in my waking thoughts, and on my door step.  The very animals I once saw as aloof began to open up for me and I experiences all the joy that is the True love and acceptance of a cat.IMG_1837

We already had two cats in our lives.  My husband’s old Mancoon mix rescue,JD and Aurora who had appeared on our doorstep Christmas day some five years ago.  They were almost like an old married couple, always together.  To be honest I feel as though I took their companionship for granted.  I loved them but they were so content in each others company that I never took the time to really bond.


Then, right around the time I began delving into my path and truly exploring the deeper aspect of my connection to the divine, Luna came into our life.  Her mother wandered into our life and garage trailing five kittens with her.  Mom was a feral and fluffy thing that bolted when we opened the door, leaving her little fluff balls behind.  Determined to reunite mom and babies we proceeded to catch the little ones and transport them under the house where mamma was hiding.  She took them off into the woods, leaving behind the littles fluff ball.  She wormed her way into our hearts as we spent hours with her as she got over her fear of humans.


We decided three cats was more than enough and went on with our lives.  However something in the house had shifted with that little addition that we could never quite put our finger on.  Here was a cat that craved our attention and wanted to cuddle.  She became so ingrained in our lives to the point where she wanted to ‘Help’ me with daily things.

Soon she was sleeping on my altar and insisting on becoming a part of any magical workings that were taking place.  I even began to remind her to say hello to Bast and Isis for me.

Then one day things changed again.  While pumping gas my husband heard a small sound and decided to investigate.  Inside the dumpster behind the building he found a tiny black kitten that had clearly been dumped.  It was clear that he had a ‘no more cats’ policy, however without a thought he brought the little big eared bundle home and by unspoken agreement we knew he was staying.  We named him Calcifer soon after and he quickly inserted himself into our lives with many meows and lots of cuddles.  I can call him from any room in the house and he comes running.

caleork He instantly decided that any meditation, magic, or witchy work was his place to be ‘helpful’.  I can’t click play on a pagan video without his instant appearance on my desk and his chubby length across my keyboard.  He sleeps on my witchy books and always seems to know when I need a little inspiration in a project or new adventure.

Next came Wednesday who was born to a feral mother cat that was dumped on our property.  She was the only black kitten and knowing the difficulty for black cats in shelters, we decided to let her stay with us and she has never let us regret it.  Reserved at first, she simply exploded with personality when Calcifer took her under his wing.  She is mischievous and always into something as kittens are wont to be.  The house has had such a fun and playful air now and I know it is her joyous energy that infects us all.

.     IMG_2158                                                            IMG_2366

Soon after this, cats began showing up on the farm.  At capacity inside, we began feeding them in our barn and soon had a host of ‘barn’ cats.  We spayed and neutered them as they wandered into our lives and we are now up to five.  They have heat in the winter and fans in the summer as well as various perches and beds inside our barn.  We tell ourselves they are keeping the mice and rats away, but in reality I think they are napping and keeping an eye on their humans.barn

around this time I began to feel guilty.  I knew that my sweet indoor kittys needed more stimulation and exercise.  They would sun bathe and stare out of the windows at the outside world.  At this point we clearly lost our minds and built a Catio.                          IMG_1814                          IMG_1846

A mesh called deer netting is almost invisible and keeps our cats in and everything else out while allowing the cats to enjoy the fresh air, sights, sun, and stimulation that is the great outdoors.  Clearly we have crossed into the murky zone of cat crazy people.  Good thing I’m married or I may have become ‘that crazy cat lady’.  The cats have rewarded my efforts with love and constant companionship.  I receive kisses, cuddles, attention, napping companionship, and endless entertainment.  They have truly opened my eyes to the spiritual relationship that is possible with our animal cousins and i find myself looking for that connection in every living creature that crosses my path.  They have opened doors along my path that I never could have opened without them and driven me to explore the unknown spaces, prowl with felines, soar, with birds, crawl with ants, run with horses, and look for companionship in the most unlikely of places.

Perhaps they came to me and opened my eyes to an entirely new world, or maybe I wasn’t open enough before now to let them in.  All I know is, thanks to a few furry teachers, I am finally on the path I was always meant to walk.


lunabox luecute         calfuhny  calarora


4 thoughts on “My Cats and my Path

  1. I loved this post and you aren’t alone – if I wasn’t married I’d have every stray I could fit in my house and yard here! I love the Catio and the fact you made an indoor space for the outdoor cats – got them spayed and neutered too. Animals – cats especially – find you and are an incredibly good judge of character. You have fine character 🙂 Thanks for sharing your family with us.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks saymber! Your comment really made me feel good about writing this blog. It’s funny how fast cats can become a part of your life and family. Thanks for reading and commenting!


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