Hello and welcome to my blog!

I guess I should start by telling you a little about myself.

I am a practicing Pagan and have been leaning toward the Celtic Pagan tradition with a bit of Wicca and Hedge Witchery thrown in.  I  love to learn and read about all pagan religions in their many forms and facets.  Having been raised Catholic and brought up to believe in the devil, hell, eternal damnation, and the judgment of us by god, finding Paganism was huge for me.  I was always fascinated and drawn to pagan religions but was always too afraid to look any farther because I was raised to believe that I would go to hell for even reading about a non christian religion.  Fortunately I married an amazing and open-minded man, who was not only accepting when I showed interest but encouraged me to find my own path.  I never looked back.

We strive to walk lightly on the land that we have in our care.  We own and operate a small family farm for the purpose of self sustainability.  We use no pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals on our land or animals because we believe that nature is usually far more powerful.  We want to work with the earth, not against it!  We use all natural cleaners, cosmetics, hygiene products, and medicines when we can.

Please join me in my journey down both my spiritual and life paths!


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