A Pagan Prepares for Winter

As the wheel turns once more and the warmth of summer turns to the cool nights of fall it is a very fitting time to reflect on the past year as we move into the darker times of the months ahead.  I am both sad and peaceful around this time of year.  Sad to see the beauty of a green world turn to the greys and browns of winter, but peaceful because for me this is a time of rest and reflection.  A time to plan what will come with the hints of spring and all the beauty and wonder that new Greening will bring with it.

On the farm, we move from the busy bustle to collect the bounty of our gardens to the equally busy time of getting animals, garden, and home ready for the cold and dark days ahead.  My thoughts move mostly to making sure the animals in our care have good protection from the harsh climate of winter.  We are always moving, improving, and enlarging shelters in the winter to make them more suitable for the animals (Honestly if I’m not satisfied they are comfortable I can’t sleep at night!).


This week the Husband helped me move the Chicken coop to a new location closer to the house so that collecting eggs and cleaning the coop will be more convenient for both us and our flock.   It also makes running a heat lamp out on extension cords simpler in case of extreme cold for our region.  I cleaned it well and replaces all the bedding with a warmer variety and set up a temporary run until the chickens get accustomed to entering the coop in its new location. (Note: Trying to find and catch chickens in the freezing dark because they could not find their coop, which is about 150 feet from its previous location and bright red, is not entertaining.)  It definitely gives me a good feeling to know that they have a safe, warm, and cozy coop set up for the winter.  It is so much easier to fall asleep at night knowing that they are as comfortable as we can make them.


The next project on the list is getting a permanent shelter set up for the Bucks.  Their temporary shelter finally fell apart this spring and they have been making use of the massive dog house and a covered feeding area, which while fine for summer and fall will not cut it for winter.

The does are cozy as always inside the barn with the horses at night and the door to their side of the barn will be closed at night once temperatures drop a tad more.  Everyone has begun to put on their new fluffy winter coats in preparation for the cold months to come.


One of the reasons I always look forward to this time of year is that I finally have time for Possibilities.  I can plan my garden for next year, set up breeding schedules for my dairy goats, start indoor projects that were waiting for my outdoor life to calm down, and focus on my spiritual growth during the dark afternoon hours that seem to last a lifetime now.


I can’t wait to have the extra time to really focus on my Practice and my Craft not that the rush that is spring and summer is over.  I look forward to finding more time to meditate, work on Divination, and explore new avenues and paths that I may not have ventured down yet.  This past year has been so full of growth and new experiences that have really driven me in new directions on my path with renewed purpose.  I have fallen in with a wonderful group of friends that help me learn, grow, and become a better Cunning Woman that I ever could have become walking my solitary path.  Hopefully this winter will be a time to rest, learn, and grow so that I can emerge as a better Witch, a more enlightened person, and a happier me!